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Zhizhen KN95 mask production plant

By admin on Apr 27, 2020

Zhizhen KN95 mask production factory, specializing in the production of masks of various specifications, has a free registered trademark: Zhizhen. The main object of Zhizhen dust mask KN95 is to prevent particles and smog. The KN95 mask covers the mouth, nose and chin of the person to form a space sealed with the face, and the polluted air is filtered by the person’s inhalation; the body of the KN95 mask Usually made of anti-particulate filter material, the seal on the face and nose is usually shaped with the help of metal nose clips.

Zhizhen KN95 mask
Ordinary disposable masks have a limited ability to prevent “PM2.5”, because the material has a smaller density and a larger gap than professional filtering masks, and the filtering degree of smog is less than 20%. Gauze masks are not worth mentioning. In comparison, professional KN95 Class masks have a professional fine dust filter layer, the degree of filtration can reach more than 95%, and the protection effect is good, so it is necessary to wear KN95 class black shield masks. However, professional KN95 masks on the market are emerging one after another. It is recommended that users buy and buy well-known brands as far as possible. Qingdao Black Shield, as a KN95 mask production factory, is recommended as your first choice.

Black shield PM2.5 mask is a revolutionary air filtration technology, and dust-free granular activated carbon is added to the mask filter. Because the traditional activated carbon fiber mask is coated with a layer of carbon powder on the filter fiber, there are some fine carbon powder particles. It has a certain impact on users with lung diseases. The refined activated carbon not only can deeply purify the dust but also can absorb toxic gases, further improving the safety of the mask. In short, the black shield anti-haze KN95 mask greatly surpasses ordinary masks in terms of filtration efficiency, breathability, antibacterial properties, safety, etc., and can deeply filter to block PM2.5, bacterial viruses, automobile exhaust, second-hand smoke, formaldehyde air pollution Toxic gas etc.

Zhizhen mask industry experts said that online group purchase of wholesale PM2.5 masks should pay attention to matters. First of all, you can pay attention to whether there are GB2626-2006 relevant standard certification on the outer packaging when buying anti-fog masks. Secondly, it should be selected from the appearance. The better the dust mask fits the face, the better the protective effect, because the protective effect of the mask has a great relationship with the fit of the mask to the face when worn. The fit is good, and the air outside the mask is not easy to enter the mask from the edge of the mask and is inhaled by the human body. Therefore, the performance of the black shield dust mask KN95 and the disposable mask is far better than the disposable flat mask.

Zhizhen dust mask KN95 is a pioneer brand of civil anti-fog masks. As a KN95 mask production plant in Qingdao, Shandong, Qingdao, it has been striving for excellence in product technology innovation, both in terms of breathability and filtration effect. And passed the GB2626-2006 “Respiratory protective equipment self-priming filter anti-particulate respirator” standard line test, the results show that the product quality is very good, the filtration efficiency is as high as 95.7%, the filtration effect is the best in the same civil masks, friends Buy with confidence.

The PM2.5 mask industry standard has been introduced. The black shield masks produced by the Qingdao Black Shield Protection Technology of the KN95 mask production factory will be based on the newly released standards, and will actually bring actual actions and products to the humans who are suffering from smog. A healthy and fresh environment promotes the upgrading of products with the conscience of the enterprise, and contributes a little to human health with quality products. Friends from all over the world are welcome to visit the factory and negotiate business.


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