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Suzhou Sanical Protective Kn95 Face mask top manufacturers and suppliers in china 2020

By admin on Apr 27, 2020

Suzhou mask manufacturer-suzhou sanitary protection products

Suzhou sanical protective is located in suzhou, known as the “world factory”. It focuses on the research and development of industrial automation and control products, the production and sales of KN95 mask respirators, as well as providing independent knowledge positioning services for mid- to high-end equipment manufacturers and large and medium-sized terminal manufacturers. Based on proprietary industrial automation and control technology, we provide customers with personalized solutions as the main business model to achieve the growth of company value and customer value.
One,suzhou sanical protective manufacturer


suzhou sanical protective‘s vision is to become a world-class supplier of industrial automation products and solutions, adhering to the entrepreneurial spirit of innovation and progress, and promoting the development of industrial civilization with leading technology. The company gathered a large number of interdisciplinary professionals, insisted on independent innovation and approached customers. Always develop together with employees and customers to promote the development of national industry and improve the automation level of traditional industry. Actively promote cooperation and exchanges with international counterparts, laying a good foundation for the internationalization of enterprises.

suzhou sanical protective invested and built a factory in 2015. The factory is equipped with a 100,000-level purification workshop, covering an area of ​​more than 1,000 square meters, a spacious and bright office space, a neat and orderly production workshop, fully automated production equipment, and high-quality personnel, ensuring the reliability and stability of product quality And the completeness of after-sales service.

Just like fish can’t live without water, air is the foundation of human survival. The deteriorating environment of the earth makes mankind face increasing health challenges. With a strong sense of responsibility to society and a sense of mission for the welfare of human health, our company spares no effort to provide a strong guarantee for human health breathing. Through the unremitting efforts of the company’s leading employees, a one-stop service enterprise integrating technology, research and development, design, production and sales is formed, which is committed to creating high-quality disposable medical and protective products. All of our products have been tested and certified by authoritative testing agencies and hold certification certificates.

suzhou sanical protective has its own brand products: sanical masks, and also OEM products, which can meet the needs of different customers and can also customize proprietary products for customers.

Our company’s products are widely exported to more than a dozen countries and regions such as Japan, the United States, Europe, Africa, Southeast Asia and so on. With excellent quality and highly competitive prices, we have gained a good reputation at home and abroad.

Our products include: anti-fog masks, KN95 masks, PM2.5 masks, disposable masks, protective clothing, gowns, hats, shoe covers, latex gloves, etc., which are widely used in medical, food processing and personal protection fields.

suzhou sanical protectiv sales model mainly includes:

OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer)

OBM (Original Brand Manufacturer)

ODM (Original Design Manufacturer)

The certifications obtained by our company include: ISO13485, CE certification.

Company philosophy: “Your free breath, our mission; your healthy life, our pursuit”

Sincerely welcome domestic and foreign friends from all over the world to call, letter or factory for negotiation.


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