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1.6m Melting Spraying Cloth Equipment Production Line

  • Material: MFI=1200~1800 polypropylene raw material
  • Width: 1600mm
  • Weight Range: 10-80g/m²
  • Machine Speed: 50m/min
  • Fiber Fineness: 2-5μm
  • Installation Power: about 500KW
  • Payment: Paypal, Western Union, T/T
  • Certification: CE, FDA, ISO

Usually the transportation time is within 3~7 days.

Standardized equipment operation and equipment maintenance, its purpose is to ensure the normal operation of equipment and prolong life, reduce maintenance costs, and improve production efficiency.

Application Scope: Applicable to the rubber and plastic mixer equipment guidance.

Special Duties

Special equipment operators and maintenance personnel who are designated by the user company shall not violate the rules and they should be skilled in operating the equipment. Irrelevant personnel shall not approach or tamper with the equipment.

Detailed Rules for The Operation

1. 1.6m wide melting spraying cloth equipment production line Turn on the power supply in turn. If the heating is needed, please set the temperature and observe whether the heating is normal. If water is cooling, open the inlet and outlet valves for normal water supply.

2. Cleaning mixer chamber, do not left hard objects such as iron wire, check the level of gear oil, engine oil, and the butter check their lubrication condition. Special attention should be paid to the oil level of the triplet oil cup, it should not be less than half. The oil level changes of triplet oil cup should be observed regularly, it is an unnormal phenomenon if the oil is not used or consumed too quickly (adjust the triplet’s rotary knob if necessary), for new equipment, the gear oil should be replaced at longest half a year, lubricate the moving parts at least once a week. When refueling, it should not exceed half of the oil mirror, otherwise, there will be oil leakage.

3. Prepare materials and turn on the power and air pressure,raise the pressure cap to the upper limit and then start the main motor’s motor, Put in the prepared material half a minute after the main motor starts, press down the pressurized cover then start the material mixer.

4. If change color needed, 1.6m wide melting spraying cloth equipment production line Please pour in the cleaning material or raw material cleaning agent. Then use a broom or wire to clean up the old material in the inner chamber rotor shaft gap.

5. When mixing, it can be adjusted to be automatically or manually according to the physical properties of the materials. The hard materials should not be too much or too large, otherwise, the machine will crash or burn out the main motor.


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Product Name Melting spray filter material, mask filter material
Material MFI=1200~1800 polypropylene raw material
Width 1600mm
Weight Range 10-80g/m²
Production Capacity 80kg/h-120KG/H (Product weight is >75g/m² or above, width is 1600mm)
Machine Speed 50m/min
Fiber Fineness 2-5μm
Installation Power about 500KW
Conditions Dust-free workshop or workshop conforming to national standard of production materials
Note: it can be customized according to customer requirements!
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