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KN95 Mask

  • Model: RST-1980s
  • Equipment Dimension: Support customization
  • Voltage: AC380V / 220V 50HZ
  • Production Speed: About 60pcs/min
  • Production Pass Rate: 90%
  • Equipment Failure Rate: 2%
  • Payment: Paypal, Western Union, T/T
  • Certification: CE, FDA, ISO

Usually the transportation time is within 3~7 days.

KN95 mask production equipment is mainly used for the automatic forming of KN95 masks. After unwinding the whole roll of fabric, it is driven by a roller, and the fabric passes through automatic folding and wrapping. Full roll nose strips traction uncoiling, cut into a fixed-length and then introduced into Hemming fabric, Both sides are ultrasonically welded to the seal, and then Ultrasonic lateral sealing, and then Cut to shape by the cutter. The mask is transported to a mask ear band welding station through the assembly line, after ultrasonic welding, the mask is finally formed.

KN95 Mask Features

1. Computer PLC programming control, High stability, The failure rate is low. Servo motor drive, The degree of automation is extremely high, High output, Stable performance, High feeding accuracy, The product quality is stable.

2. Photoelectric (optical fiber) detection materials, Avoid mistakes and reduce waste. The main conveyor belt is transported by a single-phase motor, Stepper motor flipped.

3. Photoelectric detection materials, avoid mistakes and reduce waste.

Products schematic diagram (for reference only, for details, please contact to confirm)

KN95 Mask detail 02


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Specifications and models (for reference only, for details, please contact to confirm)

Model RST-1980s
Equipment Dimension About 5500mm(L) × 900mm(W) × 2200mm(H) (Support customization)
Voltage AC380V / 220V 50HZ
Production Speed About 60pcs/min
Production Pass Rate 99% (When the incoming materials do not meet the requirements, and the employee’s improper operation is excluded)
Equipment Failure Rate 2% (Refers to the fault generated by the device itself)
Note: can be customized according to customer requirements!
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