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Kn95 Face mask top manufacturers and suppliers in china 2020

By admin on Apr 26, 2020

Is Kn95 Face mask Safe to Use?

The recent outbreak of the novel COVID-19 has led the world on a serious strain on PPEs. World over, and especially in the USA, it is known that the n95 respirators are the safest masks to use amidst an infectious outbreak. However, the kn95 masks for sale are put to use when there is a shortage of n95 masks. Is it safe to use the kn95 respirators? Are there any differences between the n95 and the kn95 respirator? We will answer those questions and others in this article.

Kn95 Face mask

What is a Kn95 mask?


Kn95 face mask is a China-made equivalent of the American made n95 respirator. It filters up to 95% of all airborne pathogens.

You can identify the following features in a kn95 face mask:

  1. They have a 95% airborne pathogen filtering capacity. Therefore it can shield you from most pathogens when worn correctly.
  2. Kn95 has a flat fold design. If you have plenty of them, you can store them neatly without cluttering your shelve or drawer.
  3. It has an ear loop and therefore easy and quick to do
  4. It has an exhalation valve; therefore, you will not feel like you are suffocating from your exhaled air.
  5. It has nose foam that absorbs humidity. If you wear spectacles, your glasses will not fog.
  6. The headband is of fabric without staples. It makes the mask comfortable to wear in all weather conditions.
  7. The mask has five layers. Of non-woven fabric. The fabric is gentle to all skin types.
  8. The mask has low respiratory resistance; hence you can breathe comfortably under the mask.
  9. It perfectly fits the face, preventing any pathogen leakage from the edges.
  10. It has an adjustable nose clip that ensures there is no open space left above the nose when you done your mask.

What elements does a kn95 filter out?

Kn94 face mask is made of sophisticated electrostatic microfiber technology. It will filter out the following particles and elements in the air

  1. 95 oerce3nt of air pollutants with a minimum width of 0.3 micrometers. Only very fine viruses have a slight chance of penetrating these five-layered face mask.
  2. 95% of pollen particles.
  3. 95% of germs and bacteria. However, you need to prevent other ways of getting bacterial infections. Medical practitioners should use FDA approved medical PPE. Use kn95 only when there is a shortage of FFPE masks.
  4. The carbon layer filters out all the chemicals and particles in smog
  5. It filters out 100% automobile exhaust
  6. It will filter out 100% animal allergens
  7. It deodorized all odors in the environment.


Are there differences between KN95 and N95?

As we have seen earlier, there are many similarities between the two brands of respirators. However, some slight differences cannot prevent one from using the available mask in times of an emergency. The differences include:

  1. The total inward leakage in a kn95 mask stands at 8%; however, the n95 mask is not tested for the same.
  2. The inhalation resistance of the n95 mask is 343pa while in the kn95 stands at 350pa. On the other hand, the exhalation resistance is at 245 pas and 250 pa, respectively. Therefore, you can breathe comfortably under any of the two masks.

How to Wear Kn95 face mask


  1. Clean your hands with soap and running water, in the case you are not near a water tap, use alcohol-based sanitizer to sanitize your hand before touching a clean face mask.
  2. Take one mask from a box, or where you have stored them.
  3. Bold the mask in a way that the logo or the colored side is away from you. The white side should face you.
  4. Spread out the mask and put it over your mouth and nose.
  5. Press the silicone nose clip to secure the mask on the nose.
  6. Stretch the straps backward and secure the straps behind the ears or back of the head. It depends on the design of the straps.

When removing the mask, hold it by the straps. If you do not intend to reuse it, dispose of it in a place of lowest risk of contamination. If you plan to reuse your mask, soak it in soapy water. You may add a disinfectant to ensure all trapped pathogens are neutralized.

When to change a Mask


  1. Replace the mask immediately; you damage it, either accidentally or intentionally.
  2. When the mask comes in contact with aerosols
  3. When the face mask becomes loose and cannot close all the pathogen entry point, that is if it feels loose.
  4. When the mask comes into contact with contaminants such as blood and other liquid droplets.
  5. When you have used the mask in an environment with patients, such as a clinical ward.
  6. When you accidentally touch the inside of the mask with your hands before sanitizing the hands.


How long should you use a kn95 mask



Limitation of kn95 Masks


Kn95 masks are very effective in preventing airborne pathogens. However, they are subject to the following limitations:

  1. They are designed for adults. Therefore they d not fit children, and you cannot adjust them to fit a child.
  2. They are not easy to use for first-time use. You need enough practice to wear the kn95 respirator properly; therefore, it may be ineffective in times of emergencies.
  3. Beards and long mustache prevents the kn95 mask from fitting the face perfectly. Consequently, you need to keep your facial hair short of using the mask effectively.
  4. Although the mask is breathable, it can increase the heart rates of people with pre-existing heart conditions due to increased breathing pressure.
  5. Kn95 respirators are designed for single-use; therefore, it can be expensive for the general public to use daily, especially during an outbreak like the recent COVID-19 pandemic.
  6. You cannot wear the mask in areas with low oxygen levels such as enclosed rooms.
  7. You cannot use the mask in as industry involved in activities such as sandblasting, asbestos removal, painting, and other activities producing toxic gases and vapors.

Where can you get Kn95 masks for sale?

In the past few months, there is an increase in the Kn95 face masks. The result is a shortage of masks in the market. However, many manufacturers are producing masks in bulks. Many online stores are offering masks at discounted rates. When you enter the kn95 masks for sale quests on the taskbar, hundreds of online stores will pop up with different offers for the masks.


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