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Things to Know About KN95 Masks

By admin on Apr 26, 2020

Things to Know About KN95 Masks

The outbreak of COVID-19 all over the word has popularized the names of various types of respiratory face masks like N 95, FFP2, and KN95, etc. In this write-up, we are going to discuss KN95 masks and how it can protect you from the infection of Coronavirus? But before discussing KN95 you must have some knowledge about Coronavirus and the need for a respiratory face mask.


Importance of a respiratory face mask

Respiratory face masks are not a new thing. Earlier these masks were used by people sensitive to pollution and dust particles. They were used to avoid the harmful effects of the dust particles in the environment when inhaled with the breath. Similarly, these masks were also used to avoid the harmful effects of pollution on your health. Both dust particles and pollution are among the major problems all over the world which cannot be controlled easily.

Due to the outbreak of COVID-19 all over the world, respiratory face masks became more popular throughout the world to protect from the infection of Coronavirus. Though Coronavirus is not an airborne virus as it infects someone through droplets coming out of an infected person through sneezing or coughing still these masks are used to avoid any chance of infection.

Actually, COVID-19 is a very dangerous disease as people with low immunity can be infected easily with this virus when they come in contact with an infected person or the droplets from his sneezing or coughing. In such a situation, a respiratory face mask can reduce the chances of getting infected easily as until now no proper treatment is available for this infectious disease.

Introduction of KN95 Mask

Various types of respiratory face masks have been supplied by the manufacturing companies all over the world like N95 masks were introduced by the US companies, FFP2 by European companies, P2 by New Zealand and Australian manufacturers, KMOEL by Korean and DS by Japanese manufacturers. Similarly, the KN95 mask manufacturer belongs to China from where COVID-19 spread all over the world.

Though you can find various types of respiratory face masks in the market but KN95 is a mask with a difference. This mask has been specially designed to protect you from pollution, dust particles, and viruses, unlike others which protect you effectively from dust particles only.

A KN95 mask can prevent inhalation of all types of dust particles, pollutants, and viruses because it provides a 4 layered protection which other masks cannot provide you. This mask can allow you to breathe more easily as it can easily filter all the pollutants and viruses in the air.

Reasons to manufacture KN95 masks

Today, when the entire world is facing the problem of Coronavirus, the governments of all the affected countries are trying their best to protect their citizens from this infectious disease. The demand for respiratory masks is increasing all over the world to keep everyone safe from the infection of Coronavirus. But the production of these masks is not able to meet their demand effectively.

Respiratory masks are more essential to protect kids and elderly people from pollution and Coronavirus as they usually have low immunity. But due to the unavailability of enough number of masks, kids and elderly people are to be quarantined to save them from these infections.

So for these reasons Kn95 mask manufacturer in China has started manufacturing these masks at a large scale.

Benefits of using KN95 Mask

Everyone including men, women, old people, and kids can use KN95 masks because of its following benefits:

  • It can cover the nose and mouth easily
  • It allows you to breath in fresh and clean air through its 4 layered structure
  • It is made of washable materials so that you can reuse this mask after washing anytime
  • It protects you from allergies and infections caused by viruses, dust, and pollution
  • You will not feel any burden on your nose and mouth because it is a lightweight mask.
  • It will protect you from Coronavirus as it has been designed specifically for this purpose

Method to use KN95 Mask

Anyone can use a KN95 mask very easily by using the following steps.

  • Before wearing this mask you should first of all wash your hands. Then wear this mask on your mouth and nose before you go out of your home for some very urgent work.
  • After returning to your home you can remove the mask easily and keep it at a clean and safe place.
  • After using it for nearly 8 hours you should wash it as per the instructions provided in the package of this mask.

Tips to prevent infection from Coronavirus

Though KN95 can help you in preventing the infection of Coronavirus when you wear it before going out of your home still there are a few other things you can focus on to prevent this infection even when you are at home.

  • You must wear KN95 mask before going out of your home
  • You should wash your hands by using hand-wash or soap for at least 20 seconds minimum 20-25 time a day
  • Do not forget to wash your hands after returning to your home
  • You should wash your hands after touching handles of the doors, railing and other items touched by many people
  • You should use salted water to wash all the items brought from the market before using them
  • You should keep yourself at least one meter away from a person suffering from cough, cold, and any other illness as he can be infected from Coronavirus.
  • You should fold hands to greet someone instead of shaking hands
  • You should consume items rich in vitamin C like pineapple and oranges etc.

Everyone should follow these steps to prevent the infection of Coronavirus as this dangerous disease treats the rich and poor equally. So, everyone is advised to avoid visiting crowded places and stay at home to remain safe.

Availability of KN95 Mask

At present, you can buy the KN95 mask manufacturer’s official website https://www.clxxcl.com/ if you are unable to get it in the open market. It gets out of stock very quickly due to the increasing demand for respiratory face masks all over the world.


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