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Tianjin Chuliuxiang New Material Co., LTD is a high-tech company, mainly selling protective spraying cloth materials and various mask products. The company currently has 20 million yuan fixed assets equipment and 8 soluble spraying equipment can make 4 tons of variety of protective products.

The company owes 20 new automatic mask production lines and 4 professional product quality testing equipment in a 1600 square meters factory, which can make 2 million of disposable masks, 1 million of surgical masks,100000 pieces of N95 mask and 1 million protective clothing in a day. Our products get the CE and FDA certification, which both are the strict product standard for production to make sure the quality. At present, our company has fully engaged in anti-epidemic production.

For a long time, Chuliuxiang aims to be an excellent “occupational safety protection expert”, takes the creation of safe and portable health protection products as its own duty, takes integrity as the foundation, builds the root with quality, changes and survives, explores in the market and explores in practice.

Chuliuxiang–be a product that users can use safely!

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